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    Technique parameter

    1、Measurement range0.1-600 u m

    2、Error< ± 1% ( national standard materials D50)

    3、repetitiveness deviation< ± 1% ( national standard materials D50)

    4、Electrical requirementAC 220 ± 10 V, 50 Hz, 200w

    5、Dimensions1000 X 330 X 320 mm

    6、Weight38 kg

    Working Principle

        The Rise Laser particle size analyzer accords to the international standards ISO-13320 and the Full range Mie Scattering Theory.  The data of particles are calculated from the changes of scattering luminous intensity of different particles in different angles in consideration of the refractive index of the particles and dispersion medium.

    The data of particles are calculated in two ways:  unconstrained fitting inversion and constrained fitting inversion.

        The constrained fitting inversion is a relatively simple way. The particle size distribution is inverted in the assumed rule of the particles. But the deviation exists between the assumption and reality, and the tested results through the constrained fitting inversion can not really reflect the true size distribution of the particles.

        In unconstrained fitting inversion way, no particles are assumed before the test, and the size distribution of the dust clusters is precisely calculated directly from the luminous intensity. In this way, the instrument requires high performance, reasonable sensor design and size grading. The particle size distribution are precisely calculated with Rise Laser particle size analyzer which uses the optimized  non-uniform cross 3D  fan shaped sensor array and the reasonable size.

    Technical characteristics

    Basis of the stable test The stability of the tested data is ensured by the stable optical signals from the system. The Rise Laser particle size analyzer uses He-Ne gas laser light source of 0.6328 micron wavelength. It works to offer stable laser source signals, and serves more than 25000 hours.

    Guarantee to the reliable dataThe reliability of the tested data requires stable light signals from the system. The real results require high dispersion effect of the tested samples as well as even distribution of the tested dispersed liquid.
    Sensor: Unique design of the photoelectric sensor, high sensitivity, with 1 master sensor and several auxiliary sensors, non-uniform cross 3D  fan shaped  sensor array, 90 0 of the max testing angle, overall test of the signals.
    Light path: With design of  1 measuring range, unique gathering light path , less Fourier lens, wide measuring range, high resolution, hard link of optic components, free adjustment of light path.
          Sample dispersion
    The Rise Wet mode Laser Particle Analyzer disperses the test samples through circulation, ultrasound, and stirring with  dispersion medium of distilled water, purified water, ethyl alcohol.
           Ultrasound System: superpower ultrasound part is integrated with host machine. The ultrasound time is automatically controlled. The touch buttons are continuously adjustable. The time is displayed. The ultrasound time of 0-9minute and 50 seconds is adjustable. The ultrasound time is adjusted according to the dispersion.  The ultrasound dispersion and sample testing may be done at the same time due to the good  shielding. The customers obtain true particle distribution data as the ultrasonic aggregate particles may be dispersed.
           Mixing system: according to the characteristics of the sample in choose the right mixing speed, to prevent particle sedimentation to dispersion mixing, stirring speed and touch-button fully automatic operation continuously adjustable, set the speed figures show that the stirring speed from 0 to 3000 rpm / minutes, continuously adjustable, ultrasonic testing process can also open too fast to avoid the bubbles caused by mixing the test error.
          Circulatory system: according to the characteristics of the sample in selecting suitable circulation pump speed to prevent the circulation line of particle precipitation, circulation pump speed automatic touch-button operation and continuously adjustable, set the speed figures, circulation pump speed of 0 ~ 5000 switch / min continuously adjustable, ultrasonic testing process can also open the loop too fast to avoid the bubbles caused by the test error, but also to prevent particle agglomeration in the recycling processes
           Powerful analysis software
    PADMAS (Particle Diameter Measure & Analysis System) is powerful to average, count, compare, shift pattern. It has formats of differential distribution, cumulative distribution, standard classification, R_R distribution, user-definite classification.130 classes are tacitly approved in the range of 0.02 -2000 micron.  1-130 classed are user-defined with the measuring range.Particle size distribution test report in the chart graphics and particle size data, with D10, D50, D90, the average size and specific surface characteristic parameters, there are four parameters needed to customize their own input, the weight ratio of surface to volume ratio of surface area can be exchange.Data of particle size are stored in Excel.It supports printing Chinese / English test reports. The page header and footer may be modified. The printing page may be previewed. Particle distribution diagrams and size data charts may be stored in format of picture or PDF as well as WORD.More functions may be added as the customers require.
           User-Friendly Operation
    The operation is standard, quantized and simple .And it takes short time to master it. The data are tested within 1 minute.
           High Viewability
    The test software is user-friendly. The test processes are readable and instantly refresh. The operators observe at any time the instrument’s situation and the changes of the test data, and analysis reality and reliability of the test data. In the inligent touch panel, there are operating keys for circulation, ultrasonic,  stir and discharge.  Due to the standard, quantized and simple operation, the test time is shortened and the requirement for the operators are lowered.

    Applied Range

        All kinds of metal powder: aluminite powder, zircon powder, nickel powder, tungsten powder, tin powder, zinc powder, molybdenum powder, magnesium powder, copper powder, rare metal powder, alloy powder, metallic oxide powder( exclusive of magnetic powder), etc.

        All kinds of nonmetal powder: talc powder, kaolin, calcium carbonate, , fluorescent powder, calcite, diamond, barite, fluorite, zeolite, boron carbide, clay, graphite, quartz, gypsum, bentonite, kieselguhr, zirconium silicate, corundum, mica, titanium.

        Others: soil, dyestuff, brenstone, explosive, western medicine, Chinese medicine, agricultural pesticide, grinding material, coatings, food additive, catalytic agent, concrete, river silt, oil drop, air bubble, emulsion.

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